Reputation Management System

Reputation Management System

Solution21 Reputation Management System is a very efficient and easy to use system that helps your practice to proactively generate reviews & testimonials
This system provides 
  • Easy monitoring of all patient feedback in place
  • Real time integration with client's website
  • Preempt dissatisfied patient from going to third party sites
  • Amplify positive Tracking of online reviews across relevant review sites
The reputation management system has an Intuitively-designed dashboard for easy management that helps you have a better overview of your business with easy to use Control Panel 

These are the major components of the system 

Page to provide the feedback

    This is the page that your patients can provide feedback.

    Please make it the home page on the Desktop or Tablet that, so it can be easily accessible

Access the Reputation Management Dashboard

    The reputation management dashboard is easily accessible from your dashboard  via this URL

    You can login via this page as well 

Approved feedbacks display

    Approved feedback will be displayed here automatically


    They also will be displayed on the third-party website (Patient Endorsed) here

As soon as a patient provides a feedback, he/she will receive an email. 
The content of the email is completely customizable and you can customize it by going to Reviews Dashboard -> Reviews - > Emails -> Edit  

In order to send email to patients who provided a positive review, Please go to Reviews Dashboard -> Reviews - > Emails -> Add New

Here you can edit the text of the email you need to send, include your Google my business, so when patients receive it, they just click on that and write the review directly

A short video regarding this can be found here :