How to use mail applications (Thunderbird, Outlook, MacMail) with your solution21 mail account

How to use mail applications (Thunderbird, Outlook, MacMail) with your solution21 mail account

Read on to learn how to configure your Solution21 hosted email account to Thunderbird. 

Webmail allows you to check your email from any browser! This is what Solution21 offers you for your emails. Now onto configuring your email to Thunderbird!

Step 1: Reaching Your Webmail 

In order to reach your webmail, you will have to visit webmail.<insertyourdomain>.com (.net, .online ect.).

For example, if your website is, you will look up! This will take you to a login page where you can input your login information. 

Step 2: Login to Your Email

Where it says “username” you will input your email address. The password will be the password to your email. 

If you need assistance resetting your password, please email and our team will begin this process with you. 

Step 3: Launch Thunderbird/Outlook and Add New Account 

In order to add your email, open up the Thunderbird or Outlook application on your desktop. Navigate to the “Tools” menu and then select “”Account Actions” and “Add Mail Account”. 

Step 4: Enter Your Details 

Input your name, email address, and password. Once this is in, you will be prompted to Configure Server Settings. 

Input the below information: 

  • Incoming: Choose "IMAP" as the protocol.

    • Server: Enter ""

    • Port: Set the IMAP port to "143."

    • Security: Select "STARTTLS" and set it to "always" or "required" if prompted.

    • Authentication: Choose "Encrypted password."

Input your name, email address, and password. Then input the following information: 

  • Outgoing (SMTP):

    • Server: Use ""

    • Port: Set the SMTP port to "587."

    • Security: Choose "STARTTLS" and set it to "always" or "required" if prompted.

    • Authentication: Select "Encrypted password."

Step 5: Test and Verify 

Click “Done” and Thunderbird will attempt to connect to your new server. Once connected, you should see your folder and mail pop up. 

Once this shows up, send a test email to verify all is well!

This completes our guide to configuring your Solution21 hosted email to Thunderbird and Outlook! 

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